Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hope for the Stressed

While I am reading The new Straits Times, Monday, 23rd Feb ediotion, mu reading was interupted by a post " Hope for the Stressed" . It states that our life is full of stress. For me, it is depending more depending on the particular person. How he/she manages the problem and prevent the stress from keep on bombarding our life. Stress leads to tension, physical and emotional strain. This can cause problems like insomnia, headaches and weight loss.

The writer provide us with some ways to relieve stress.

1- Exercise releases tension and stress, whether it's working out at a gym or doing a sport such as tennis, swimming or running.

2- Deep breathing exercises. Breathe in through your nose slowly and deeply, and then out through your mouth. Feel all of the tension flow out of you as you exhale.

3- Massage therapy or aromatherapy also helps to tone down stress levels.

4- Play! Do something you used to do as a child or long ago before you had all the commitments, such as play with an electric train or eat cotton candy at the fair.

5- Treat yourself, a new outfit, a haircut, all day spa, or if you're a guy some new power tools!

6- Talk to someone. Talking relieves stress, especially for women, knowing someone else understands and hears you without judging or necessarily offering advice.

7- Sleep more. Lack of sleep leads to stress. This is a vicious cycle. More sleep can leave you stress free.

8- Eat right. A well balanced meal, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable, is important for maintaining good health and leaves you stronger and well equipped to face what life throws at you.

9- Faith. Get closer to God. Faith is a big stress reliever. Cast your cares to the wind.

10- Focus and visual relaxation. This is when you close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere nice that you choose, like on a deserted island, walking along the shore or skiing on a snow-covered slope with the cold brisk wind in your face.

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